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Computing Curriculum

Our Computing curriculum prepares pupils for a world in which technology is used to communicate, control and create. Pupils are taught many different skills, such the programming the movement of a Beebot in Reception or sharing of information by creating blogs and animations in later years. A wide range of equipment is available, from the interactive whiteboards in every classroom and networked laptops. The children use laptops and iPads on a regular basis throughout the school.

E-safety skills for safe use of social media, such as blogging and messaging, are taught and all pupils are expected to follow the school’s own rules for using the internet. Computing skills are used to develop and extend learning across the curriculum.  

The curriculum is broken down into 3 areas:
• Computer Science (Computing, algorithms and programming) – Children learn how digital systems work and use this to create programs
• Information Technology  – children are able to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology
• Digital Literacy/E-Safety – Children use technology safely and keep themselves safe online (Take a look at how to keep safe online (link here to the Esafety section of our website).


Here are a selection of the programs and applications we use across KS1 and KS2 in our Computing curriculum. Click on the slider to view.