When you learn computing, you’re thinking about thinking.

Our Computing curriculum prepares pupils for a world in which technology is used to communicate, control and create. We believe that computing is an essential part of the curriculum and such high-quality education enables our pupils to use computational thinking to problem solve, design and code alongside many other skills and qualities. We believe it enables our pupils to not only use these skills in stand-alone lessons but to transfer these across the curriculum to support subjects such as science, mathematics, topic and design and technology.

Computing skills are taught to the pupils through lessons using a wide range of equipment which is available, ranging from iPads, chrome books and interactive whiteboards as well as other digital devices. Such technology allows the children to learn in a creative and exciting way, extending their knowledge and eagerness for technology.  

The computing curriculum here at Sutton Primary Academy is broken down into three main areas.

Computer Science

(Computing, algorithms and programming) – Children learn how digital systems work and use this to create programs

Information Technology

Children are able to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology

Digital Literacy

Children use technology safely and keep themselves safe online (Take a look at how to keep safe online (link here to the Online Safety section of our website)

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Reception using Technology


Year 5 Computing


Year 5 – Lego WeDo.

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