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The School Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Teaching Staff

Admin Team

Lunchtime Supervisors

Sutton Seedlings Pre-school

After School Club

Site and Assets Team

HMFA Support Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr P Box Executive Headteacher

Mrs E Orton Head of School & Class 5 teacher

Mrs C Watkins HMFA Personnel Manager

Ms Nicola Jones Finance Director

Teaching Staff

Mrs H Russell Reception Class

Mrs V Bloore Class 1 teacher

Mrs J Johnson Class 2 teacher

Mrs K Welsh Class 3 teacher

Mrs L Hooper Class 4 teacher

Mrs Orton/Mrs Watters Class 5 teachers

Mrs S Styles Class 6 teacher

Mrs G Goode Part-time teacher

Miss J Crisall Part-time sports coach

Admin Team

Mrs C Watkins Personnel Manager

Mrs L Board Administrator

Mrs A Dallimore Administrator

Mrs S McGowan Finance Manager

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs M Rees

Mrs C Morris

Mrs J Chapman

Mrs S Bennett

Mrs K Walden

Sutton Seedlings Pre-school

Mrs D Ford Pre-School Manager

Mrs C Broad Assistant

Miss R Davies Assistant

Miss K Pawsey Assistant

Miss S Probert Assistant

After School Club

Miss Becky Davies Extended Schools Manager

Miss M Locock Assistant


Site and Assets Team

Mr T Meredith
Caretaker for Sutton Primary
Site Manager for HMFA

Mr S Morehead
Assets Manager for HMFA

HMFA Support Staff

Mrs Z Beecham SENCO
SEND Manager
Manages the SEND team from the HMFA

Mrs J McColl Pastoral & Safeguarding Manager
HMFA Assistant Headteacher
Manages safeguarding and pastoral care across the HMFA

Mrs B Millikin Learning Mentor

At Sutton Primary Academy, it is our belief that every child should feel valued as an individual.