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The school continues to maintain strong links with the local community, including the school hall being available for lettings to groups within the community. We also have the opportunity to support the Village events such as the Sutton Fireworks event where fun is had by all!

The children are actively involved in fundraising for the wider community; examples of charities supported are: Macmillan Cancer Care; Poppy Appeal; St Michael’s Hospice; Christmas Shoebox appeal; Save the Children; Children in Need; Cancer Research and Red Nose Day to name but a few.

The school liaises closely with secondary schools in the locality and pupils from Year 1-Year 6 attend events put on by the schools, for examples; Y1 & 2 Multi-skills day at Aylestone High School, Young Voices and The Moving Targets Project at The Courtyard in Hereford.

Growing Local is dedicated to bringing together local food growers and local buyers through community-based initiatives focussing on schools and education. The scheme encourages children to eat, cook and enjoy fresh local produce.

School Travel Plan

Sutton Primary Academy aims to encourage and assist pupils, parents, staff and visitors to walk and cycle to school whenever possible, and to encourage public transport use and car sharing in preference to single occupancy use.  The school is keen to ensure that the travel movements it generates does not endanger its pupils or other road users, and cause minimal nuisance to residents.

The school will inform pupils and their parents of the health and environmental benefits of walking and cycling and the value of these travel modes to pupils’ personal development.  The school will strive to provide pupils with the knowledge and skills needed to travel safely.

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