Young Voices

Young Voices

On Friday 27th January 2017 the Sutton School choir set off for The Genting Area, Birmingham, to take part in Young Voices. The children had worked extremely hard to learn the songs and were ready to perform as part of the largest school choir concert in the world! The day started with us arriving at the arena and tucking in to our packed lunches, we needed as much energy as we could get to prepare us for all the singing and dancing! After lunch, the rehearsal began, there were over 6000 children involved and the atmosphere was incredible, our conductor was very entertaining and gave us some last minute tips ready for the concert. By the end of the rehearsal we were all very hungry so had a quick break for tea before our parents began to arrive, we had lots of fun trying to spot them in the crowds!

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When it was time for the concert to begin all the lights in the arena were turned off apart from the special Young Voices torches the children had been given, it was magical.  Special guests included Natalie Williams, The Beatbox Collective and Tabby Callaghan. It was a wonderful opportunity to perform with such talented artists. Everyone had a fantastic time singing and dancing, including the teachers, Mrs Orton was even spotted enjoying some head banging!


Mrs Watters and Mrs Orton would like to thank the children who took part in Young Voices this year, you all worked extremely hard and were fantastic ambassadors for Sutton Primary Academy. We were very proud of  you all.