Digital parenting online course

Digital parenting online course

We’re a Digital School! Free training for parents

Our school is part of Parent Zone’s Digital Schools Membership programme, recognising our commitment to keeping our pupils safe online, and making sure we work with you and all of the school community to achieve this.

Digital Schools membership includes access to Parent Zone’s online digital parenting course, Parenting in the Digital Age. This short course gives you straightforward information and advice on how to manage and feel confident about your child’s online world.

For your free access to the programme, go to www.parentzone.org.uk/parentcourse.

  • Click on the pink ‘Add to cart’ button to start your registration.
  • On the next page click checkout. You’ll then be asked to enter your email address.
  • On the next page, you will need to enter the coupon code (received in your letter from school or contact the school office) to ensure you have free access to the programme.

Once you’ve completed the short registration you’ll receive two emails – one confirming your order and one with log in instructions. After clicking the link in the email press the log-in button and you should be asked to set a password, after which you will be directed to the Parent Resources page where you can start the course.


Once you have logged in the Parenting in the Digital Age course page will always be accessible at this link: http://parentzone.org.uk/membership/parent-resources.


Another benefit of our Digital Schools membership is access to an email help service for parents, so if you have any questions about the course or any aspect of your family’s online life, you can email dshelp@parentzone.org.uk for free, confidential advice.